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Universal Permanent Number

"The absolute necessity of ISBN for assigning distinct integer names to books proves the necessity of UPN, but ISBN is designed incorrectly in the era prior to globalization."

"All We Do Is Selling Numbers!"

"UPN should completely replace ISBN, because ISBN is incorrect, being neither globally distinct nor permanent." Post-Science

The core of Google search is the alphabet. The aphabet is a collection of letters (a-z) and is digitally represented by 10-35 (A-Z). The core of UPN search is the integer (0-9). Emphasizing the digits 0-9, UPN is more efficient than than Google's alphabet; the integer is the language of the machine, which automates, and aphabet is for the fuzzy human.

Universal Permanent Number (Copyright No. TXu 1-789-183), is based on Universal Permanent Software (Pat. No. 5,485,601). UPN provides globally unique permanent integer identification numbers for permanent entities, such as real estates, publications, DNA, people, and products. UPS can remember what UPN represents.

"The first step in knowledge management is to assign univeral permanent names to permanent entities, such as knowledge."

Exact Search and Exact Translation Based on UPN

UPN stands for Universal Permanent Number, which is the set of distinct integers from minus to plus infinity. UPN is for assigning globally unique and permanent names to permanent entities, such as books, real estates, published articles, people, knowledge, and DNA. When the number of UPN becomes too large for humans to remember, UPN can be remembered by UPS, which stands for Universal Permanent Software. In fact, UPN is a byproduct of UPS, which is based on the invention of the Completely Automated and Self-generating Software System explained in a patent with the same title and with the Patent Number 6, 078,901. UPN can be immediately applied to Exact Search and Exact Translation, where each search or translated item is represented by a UPN.

Exact Search means finding just one result in every search. Today, a search engine provides pages of results for the human users to identify the ones of interest. This is Fuzzy Search. However, if a book number ISBN in inputted in a search, the book will be ranked at the top of the result. Unfortunately, ISBN is not globally unique and might come into conflict with identification numbers from other number systems, such a product number and an account number. UPN is designed to make the identification universal or global and permanent. The first step in knowledge management is to assigning globally unique and permanent names, that is UPN, to permanent entities, such as items involved in knowledge. Technically, the search engine company needs to do is to add features allowing the submission and the retrieval of UPN or just have crawlers to crawl numbers identified as UPN or stored in a UPN software depository. One of the number system UPN should immediately be replaced is ISBN. Understanding that ISBN is incorrectly designed will be a great breakthrough for society in critical thinking.

Exact Machine Translation means matching two exact translated scripts to two different languages. Today, if one wants to translate a serious formal letter for a receiver, whose native language is completely unknown to the sender, the sender cannot trust the Google fuzzy translation, which would not be understandable to the sender. What needs to be done is to have a certified translation by an expert translator, who contributes to the big data of translated scripts. There will be an unlimited number of certified translated scripts corresponding to another unlimited number of translations of other languages. The two main problems of such an unlimited system are: (1) Every translation needs a name and (2) There needs a way to remember these names. The answer are, respectively, (1) For large quantities, UPN must be used because the translations are intended to be permanent and universal, as in book numbers and (2) The completely automated software UPS can have the computer remember the translated scripts, for which each UPN stands for one of the scripts. Exact Translation is necessary for international communication.

The introducing the most valuable product based on life science, namely, UPN will give society a glimpse of the Age of Life Science characterized by unlimited complexity and by complete automation. The first products can be UPN for DNA and UPN for books. Also, a UPN can be assigned to each and every Universal Permanent Device, which is keychain-like device for recording one’s life story and is backed up by a cloud service. Logically, all the registration numbers of students and faculty members should immediately be converted to UPN for permanent record keeping. The UPN business is just in selling numbers, to replace the current incorrect, non-permanent and local, number systems by the universal permanent number systems based on UPN, which can be found by Exact Search.

UPN Market and Marketing

(upn4 = UPN for: UPN is for replacing all the existing number systems.) Business Representatives: Avenal Systems, Inc.
UPN Agency Administrators: Director: Dr. Amirsyed Bukhari; Deputy Director: Dr. Sherman Wang

UPN for DNA in global search: DNA is universally distinct permanent software and, therefore, should have the integer name of Universal Permanent Number (UPN).
Potential Agents: Illumina,, Human Longevity (Craig Venter), Alcor (Max More)

UPN for real estate and rentals in global search: Real estate parcels are universally unique and permanent and, therefore, should have the integer name of Universal Permanent Number.
Potential Agents:, Google, Craigslist,

UPN for UPD (Universal Permanent Device) for permanent registration: UPD records the life story of a person, and every story should be kept permanently.
Potential Agents: Intel, Amazon

UPN for global search of people or resume: People have duplicate names, and UPN can identify the person uniquely and permanently.
Potential Agents: Facebook, LinkedIn (Reid Hoffman)

UPN for products in globalized transactions: In a global transaction, each product should have a distinct integer name. These UPNs have long digit (21 digits) and can be reusable.
Potential Agents: Walmart, Alibaba, IBM, Zerox, Costco

UPN for astronomy for global search: UPN should be used to name all the heavenly bodies.
Potential Agents: NASA, UN

UPN for words and phrases of the world in global search: Each word or phrase is universally distinct and permanent and should be identified by a UPN. UPN will help machine translation, as a universal intermediate identity.
Potential Agents: Oxford Dictionary

UPN for robots or machines for global identification: Robots and machines can have UPN as names.
Potential Agents: TeamViewer, Omron (Nigel Blackway)

UNP for pictures and videos for submission and retrieval in precise global search:
Potential Agents: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google

UPN for China: The Chinese do not use alphabet. Google liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity's most important innovations, and is the core of how Google index with Google search! The ambition comes from the fact that the Alphabet is one of humanity’s most important inventions, as well as the implicit claim (in the company’s url) that it encompasses everything from A to Z; and the banality comes from the fact that Alphabet is perhaps the most generic name imaginable, perfectly standing for anything and nothing at the same time.
Potential Agents: China, Japan, Korea, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, QQ

UPN for Civilization: UPN is the first product from the Age of Life Science, which is characterized by the requirement of permanence.
Potential Agents: Finland, Sweden, Norway (first nation to buy will receive a huge discount for being the first to realize the philosophical implication of UPN.)

UPN for expensive Jewelry and Antique: Jewelry and Antuque should have universal permanent numbers for global exact search.
Potential Agents: Paul Yih, a member of post-science/fuzzy logic team

UPN for Feedback Fuzzy Exact Machine Translation: Today there is no exact machine translation, which means the pretranslated one-to-one mapping of two texts for the two languages. Since matching exactly is not always possible, the original text will be modified to correspond to the available exact translation. Several versions can be generated; thus, the process if fuzzy, involving several choices. UPN is needed to give the available texts universal permanent names: 15-digit prefixed by 4X.
Potential Agents: Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.

UPN for books: UPBN replacing ISBN using 14-digit prefixed by 4
Potential Agents: Amazon, Allibaba, etc.

The following are UPN and UPS web sites: (Slide Presetnation of UPN) (UPN: Core to Big Data Innovations) (Definition of the problem of software) (Technical explanation of Universal Permanent Software) (Computing With Integers) (Universal Permanent Number: Multi-Trillion-Dollar Market) (Universal Permanent Number: Intellectaul Property vs. Intellectual Right, ISO Registration) (What is UPN?) (UPN and UPS video demonstrations) (New invention based on Universal Permanent Number) (Electronic Brain) (Complete automation is the solution to unlimited complexity and is the foundaiton of life or computer science.) (A successful life in the 21st century is to discover Permanent Life.) (Self-Creation vs. Random Creation)
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